Friday, September 23, 2016

The Beast of Burden 100 Summer Edition 2015

Am I addicted to 100 mile races? Yes, I do believe that I am. Why? I have no clue since I am probably a much better 50k or 50 mile runner. I was itching to do another 100 and needed a race that would fit into our already packed summer schedule of cross country, soccer, band camp, dance class, and work schedules. The Summer Beast of Burden 100 fit nicely into that schedule. Since it is a flat course, I set a goal to break 24 hours. I knew this was possible, but not easy to do on a very hot day in August!

We decided to make this race coincide with a family vacation to Niagra Falls, Canada! This was only a short drive from the race and the kids first trip to Canada.

Jason decided to run the marathon distance (the Mini-Beast) and I would start the 100 at the same time. The start of the race was very pleasant. We ran up to to turn around at 12 1/2 miles and saw the marathoners returning at their speedy pace. I felt like I was running slightly too fast, but it is always so hard to hold back in the initial stages. The first loop went by quickly and we headed out to the turn around at 37 miles. The sun was out fully and and it was getting very warm. My strategy was to get in and out of the aid stations as quick as possible. I noticed several of the woman who had been ahead of me were still at the aid station when I left to make my way to the halfway point. After the 50 mile turnaround, I think that I realized that I may be the first woman at that point of the race. I remember dreading this. I would rather catch up to people than to have to hold a spot. But, I reminded myself that I had no goal of a place finish, but rather a goal of breaking 24 hours.

Our amazing friends, Shauna and Joe, drove up the race to pace me. Seeing them was a huge pick up. My kids and Jason were there to cheer me on at many points, also. My pace continued to slow as my hip flexor was locking up and getting very tight and sore. The nighttime miles went by quickly with my awesome pacers. Jillian and Alexandra each took a final leg as the sun came up to get me to the finish as we accomplished a sub 24 finish and first place female overall!

This was a great way to end the summer of 2015!!!! Now, on to busy, busy, busy!

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